the eunice Godbless

I write, with you always in mind.


If God loves you, He sends someone. John 3:16

I have a friend; he is a man
I have a Beloved; he is a gentleman
He is nice, and he is right;
With God, and with his heart
To the Word, and to my life
His character so blunt, it checks my character’s knife
He’s taught me a lot
Both in words and in silence
His mind agile in depth, he is overtly deep in sense!
and I must say, my favourite lessons with him has been on PATIENCE and FRUGALITY
Sometimes extremely annoying as every human being,
He is always at his game

I call him Tororaama,
He calls me Toroyanda
But together we are the Toroooo, Toroo – yeah, with a stretch like that
We know ourselves from the ‘PUR – LEASE’ the ‘Toroooo, Toroooo’ and the ‘ eeeeeii voice’ fame – its just between us
We change good tunes with our horrible voices… But he is worse!
we are yet to be featured in the Guiness book of records as the most ‘fooling’ ever
This alone, makes me the most happiest – the friendship he offers

His nature so baffling;
as it easily expels out PATIENCE, LOYALTY and FAITHFULNESS
and I wonder why God didn’t give me the ‘former some’ and had to learn it the hard way
But I know, I am gradually learning as you always make me believe.
Your appearance is deceptive; void of a promised life
But you are a missile within
I have glimpse of it, and it excites me already
And I know, that we will march in Glory and Grace.
And did I mention the respect you have for me? It’s overwhelming!
Call me for your soobolo now!
For being a Gem, and a man of your words, you are worth writing and talking about.

Jonathan Kojo Botchwey, thank you for being wonderful. Thank you for the friendship. I bless God for the gift of you. Continue to be you, because you are dearly loved!


(C) the eunice Godbless 2017



“Revelations are vital- they are life, just like our breath. They are not just equally important as breath, but they are much required in frequency and rhythmic as our breath because its the determinant of our thoughts, our actions and our success in life” – eunice Godbless

I’ve asked questions before, about Christmas. I’ve had useless debates which led me into the unsafe hands of teachers who had different theological ideas and got me even more confused. The quest of knowing the truth made me vulnerable to the many ideas of the people I thought new the truth. But unfortunately, I was better off in my “wisdom”.

What is Christmas all about? Does it transcend beyond the Bible story of Mary, Joseph, The Angel, Baby Jesus and The Three wise men? Let me not make the controversy worse by asking why December amongst all the month. Is it biblically proven? No let me stop. Forget it. I didn’t just ask that. I don’t need that to establish the meaning of What Christmas is really all about. Knowing the month and date wouldn’t affect me in any way I think because that has no enrichment to my growth as a christian. It would be an unnecessary knowledge to puff me up. But knowing the True meaning of this season will bring me to a revelation and humility to live a life from that perspective.

“Your depth of Revelation clearly spells the meaning of your actions”- eunice Godbless

For the past eight years of my life as a christian, I have always had moments of reflection about Christmas. I have never come to the revelation of a new thing because my meditation has not been deep. I just love to observe the moment and not necessarily to position myself well for a new level in Revelation. I enjoyed the flow.

In December, I love to wake up early in the morning feeling the dry-itch sensation on my skin and in my nose. I love to walk out of my room feeling the scent of the harmattan and having the best sight view of the world through my window. I love the “good” feeling and I never miss that! That’s what tells me its Christmas. But to remember the reason for the season, oh it was a flow – it’s Christmas, just know that Christ was born by a virgin Mary and a Carpenter Joseph. He was wrapped in swaddling cloths and laid in a manger. There were 3 wise men bla bla bla. Over eight years, nothing different.

But I thank God for December 20. When I was  praying to God committing my Spoken word ministration into his hands( something I always do because I perceive it as a ministry). It was hard praying initially because I felt very anxious and had been a while (a week without praying) I felt like I had finally come to God in my time of need because I was praying for His Anointing to minister with style and according to His Will. I felt guilty. My conscience tried to judge me but suddenly, I had to breakthrough that in the light of God’s love. So I prayed. But the prayer was not flowing as I wanted it to be. I paused but decided not to waste time so I used the break to meditate on the words, to be ministered to  first. I needed it to be revealed to me first before the audience because if it does, the flow would be easy. I sat down quietly trying to fix my mind on the words, then suddenly I had a thought of choosing what to wear. I stopped the meditation. Now it was thoughts about my attire. I previously chose a casual outfit because I thought there was nothing so special about the ministration. Everyone knows its Christmas and I was not gonna use any strange words or lines aside the Isaiah 9:6. Which made me feel the poem was ordinary because there were no punch lines to catch the audience attention.

I turned my wardrobe upside down! My sister’s as well. I was beginning to think of  just wearing anything, walk up the pulpit and rattle the lines regardless what happens. No, that’s a stupid thought. I said to myself as i threw myself on the bed. I stood up again heading towards my closet, then I remembered a prayer;

Daddy Holy Spirit, show me what to wear. Something that fits the message and would make me feel comfortable. I prayed.

I started digging up again. Throwing clothes here and there. Then snap, I got an idea!. I saw a picture of an attire in my minds eye. A long white long dress which Unfortunately my sister’s. I dug into her wardrobe and tried it on and PERFECTO! My elements came into being. I ran to my third sister with excitement to show her my final choice as she was “awaiting the manifestation of the true sons of God” ( the dress I will finally choose because I rejected all her opinions) she totally discouraged me but I told her it was for her eyes, but not for her opinion( something I always tell her anytime she doesn’t agree with something I choose). I was wondering why she said it was not nice because I looked great in it. But I ignored her and followed what I had seen in my mind’s eye.

For some strange reasons, I felt there was something more to make my appearance complete. I tried to figure out but really couldn’t. I had to leave the thought and focus on rehearsing one more time because time was running out. Then snap! I got another idea. And that was the revelation.

“Look there( i percieved was the Holy Spirit) Put the crown on your head. Change the last lines and make it – THE COMING OF CHRIST, WAS GOD’S DOWRY TO MAKE YOU A BRIDE TO BE”.

This, was a crown a friend gave me after her bachelorette party. It had the inscription ‘ BRIDE TO BE’

This really got me thinking and reminded me where the Bible refers us as The Bride of Christ and Christ being our Groom. Who is with us, sanctifying us with His Word of Truth till we attain perfection.

Hosea 2:19-20
And I will betroth thee unto me for ever; yea, I will betroth thee unto me in righteousness, and in judgment, and in lovingkindness, and in mercies.
[20] I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness: and thou shalt know the Lord.

And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

This is my Revelation for Christmas. And I seek more. What of you?

(C) eunice Godbless 2016


If i ever walk on this aisle, let it be from true motives i pray. Amen!

I love weddings! I hold no good memories in heart, than the ones weddings gives me. I love the drama from start to finish. The most of it all are the vows. I never loose breath pondering on the commitment they set to make through the beautiful rehearsed words. I have a couple written in my walking diary to remind them when they get weary. That’s if I know them. I dream of becoming a counsellor one day. One that will encourage couples to dwell on their vows till eternity, so i want to gather as many vows as i can to remind couples the day they feel to let these words slide. And i also look forward not just to recite them oneday, but be in the vows before i recite them before the altar. I hope you do as well.

Are you also a wedding freak as i am? What has been your thoughts so far? Are they not beautiful and flawless? Don’t they look innocent and matured? Do they ever raise questions of doubts on your mind? Don’t they look promising? Yet, they are not entirely as they act in our eyes. There are motives!

Behind every wedding or marriage is a theme which no man knows and can see, save the individual. It could be a selfish theme, or a selfless one. But how do we know?

We have finally moved from the genuinity era to the so close. We no longer can tell what is, and what’s not because everyone and everything professes its goodness and righteousness. We honestly can not tell who is truely laughing and who is hating or who is speaking and acting in love and who is not till we launch into their deep. Blessed are you if your predictions were right, you shall eat the good thereof. But an eternal doom, if you get an entire wrong to your ‘right’ predictions. And marriage is that two sided coin we must all take caution to get the head, not the tail.

What will walk you down that aisle? It’s easy screaming love in the face of the blinded-to-your-heart, but a needful question one must ask him or herself if we have little hearts for future regrets. I do, so i wouldn’t want to marry for the wrong reasons. I want my wedding gown to reflect my pure intentions. I want the smiles and joy to be an indepth gratitude. I want my steps to be true steps ordered by love and sincerity. And the vows, i want them said with everything within me, and Grace to fufil.

Love is beautiful i believe. When set as the forehand of anything, it never fails. Money will fail, looks will too, social status will wane, and you will grow old anyway but if love is not found in the midst of any of these blessing, brethren, you are as good as dead! Everything you lusted for will be enjoyed for a short while, then real sorrow sets in. Why would you want to put yourself in such an eternal doom?

Its sad. It tells how humanity don’t want to believe God for the pleasures of their hearts but
are dying to be desparately wicked to gain what ever they want with their own strength. Don’t we know, that God is the giver of all good and perfect gift, who will never hinder any good thing from us if only we ask AND PATIENTLY WAIT FOR HIS TIMING THOUGH IT WILL TARRY FOR A WHILE? The fact that a fine rich gentleman walks into your life, or you turned 28 or 30 or your friends marrying or your parents pressurizing means you should gather funds to marry by all means. Anytime you are faced with such, just know that you are at the verge of being prematurely or wrongly walked down that aisle with bad motives. You will regret it!

Yes its true, that God is a slow God who will not speedily deliver or would not give us our desires at all even when we ask. But honestly, the things or desires we ask for are either still in it’s preparation stage or they are just not good for us and we take denial as disappointment. What if He gave it to you and the same turns to hurt you? You will still complain! And He wouldn’t want to hear any blame games hence, the delay or the refusal.

From 1926 -1988 and beyound, statistics shows the peak of marriages with low records on divorces. If 60% married, about 10% got divorced. But this can’t but said in the recent statistics for Africa alone. People marry and divorce within short periods and i wonder why. What exactly walked them down that aisle’?

Marriage is Gold. Its the priceless institution God established for humanity. For a man and a woman to have intimacy – to kill the aloneness of man with the help meeting(the woman) his purpose, who in turn provides, nuture, love, shelter, and lead the woman purposefully, not treating her beneath as him but beside him giving all the support he will ever need along the way, on the foundation of love with the bang idea of making two willing lives, one, as He is involved in it day by day. This was God’s original intent from the beginning. But then, man fell.

Marrriage was intended for no selfish reasons. It was made solely for people who have drawn their lines of preferences after calculating the deficits in the other person and themselves but are still willing to cross roads with them solely on the foundation of love, and of true attraction. Nothing, i mean on nothing else but on love and a genuine care to help the other person make it in life. Not the to- the-self actualization kind of help, but to the Christ actualization concept. Yes its true, not many have this purpose in mind and not all marriages head in this direction because we first start on a wrong note of marrying the wrong person.

We sometimes forget ourselves, who we really are and marry people who will make us not. The wrong people who are not headed in our path of life, whom we have a huge gap in faith, whose preferences are outrageously outside ours but have some one or two things we can get along with and we settle for them ignoring the central desires we so look for in our partners which in their presence can make us overlook all the buggaged imperfections they might have. This is the concept of Soul mates- someone who has the central desires of your heart. Central desires i mean are the criteria’s you may need in a partner. Its not the long list, because you won’t get them all but those one or two things which will help you fall in love over and over again in the midst of the imperfections or weaknesses. Did you ever know?

Aisles are frequently walked on to solemnly declare our love, support, care and genuineness first to God and to the person we profess our love to but deep down within our hearts, we know that we just fancy the idea of marriage, or we want to belong to a class, earn a social status, or for children, for money, for opportunities or we simply are growing old and need to settle that before we live lonely for the rest of our lives. Then not less than half a year we begin to pant for a space and probably a legal divorce and curse marriage like we never knew the deceptions we had hid in our hearts before we took off.

Be not be decieved for God is not mocked. For whatsoever ye shall sow, that shall ye reap!

Its that simple. Whatever motives you have in this life, whether good or bad, will always multiply and either come back to you in hapiness or in misery. There is something about God that many do not know, that He is just. He will not sit down for the other person’s ignorance of your evil deeds go unrewarded. He won’t plan any evil against you because its not in His nature, He will only allow your evil to come back to you.

If we will ever get married, why won’t we marry for genuine reason as love and believe God for what ever need we have in addition? Is it that we don’t believe in God’s goodness and love? What is age? What is sex? What is money? What is fame? What are looks? What is pressure? but not love working through faith?

Beloved, let us watch our hearts and have a firm hold of it because it is desparately wicked. We should not yield to the enemy through what we forcefully want to attain in this life to cause us do wicked acts. But we should desire to yeild to God and His desires for our lives believing that He has the best of marriages and partners saved for us.

Let’s take this solemn pledge.

I ………………………………… do promise to let love, true motives and God to walk me down that aisle. Forsaken all others, to cleave unto one, with no other ulterior motives but of love and selflessness.


I am a novice. But i believe strongly in Love, Marriage and the Wisdom of God!

“Her Melancholy” writes.

(C) eunice Godbless 2016


God always have the PLAN and the PURPOSE. We only have the lust which leads to destruction. Let go, and let God!


God and I
Have never sailed smoothly
When it comes to His Will, for my life
We’ve ‘fought’ couple of times
I needed my way, He needed His and no one was willing to submit
because we were all ‘right’

I heard His Will was not always comfortable and nice
But I wanted exactly those to make my life feel complete

I obeyed the convenient and ignored the inconvenient
That will seem to take my happiness away from me

I thought God was selfish
Always wanting my life to revolve around Him
But not mine.

Why not mine? I’ll protest
And go my own way many times and hurt myself so bad
With mud-stains of regrets and sorrow and misery
Which I thought came from His Will.

But growing up,
I have finally come to admit, THAT HIS WILL, IS ALWAYS A GOOD WILL. And I will prefer one good Will than a million of mine

I still fall away sometimes
But I snap back, riding on His mysterious Mercies and fall on my knees




(c) euniceGodbless 2016.



In the beginning was a harmonious world. Everything was in its right state and defined for a quality  living. Everyone and everything knew its purpose and were rightfully used in the context of their definition. Nothing was abused.

Man was defined as a spirit with a soul, and lives in a body, as the image of God and after God’s likeness to rule the world  with power, to manage all the affairs of the earth. And this has always been what men are known for – The Spiritual heads, the bold and backbone of life, after God.

The trees and the animals were no different. The sun and the moon where even not left out of the definition because they were not just made, they existed for a purpose. But till then, God was still not satisfied. He realized, that His creation was not totally defined without a woman. He realized, that there was nothing life could thrive on its liveliness and its amazing creativity.Then carefully, Eve was formed.

Her skin so toned, her voice cunningly soft, her eyes so tender and the intelligence, oh my! She was a complete art of influence. She was given all the time and attention the world ever had. Being the last born of all creation she had to be flawless! She needed to be formed well BECAUSE SHE WAS FOR A GLOBAL INFLUENCE with a definition. She is to be not just any kind of woman. Not the woman who fights with her strength to get her heads up(money, love acceptance etc) which many ladies of today fall prey, but one that fights in her tenderness and her God guiding intiutions to creatively hold her head up high. Her influence in the world would be so strong that she constantly needs to know who she is to always do what is right. But she fell, and made us all fell and that was when women lost their quality, and good selves to everything demeaning- as sex and immoral tools, broken hearters, divorcees, single mothers and the major groups found in the psychiatric hospitals with the same diagnoses – Depression. Its an obvious redefinition and a close to nothing.

Amongst all creation, oh reader reader, are women not the fairest amongst all? Are they not a great significance every creature yearns to taste the life and creativity in her? Are their breast not the husbands satisfaction, are their vaginas not the passage of life? Are their words not soothing? Are their appearance not breathtaking? What of the curves? are they not a pleasurable sight to behold? Then why do we turn and bruise something that brings us so much joy and hapiness in life?

Is it that women were formed to be demeaning and seen as sex tools and emotional toys that men can easily flaunt on? Or the dafter species who always trade their  priceless selves  for a price less their worth? I won’t be suprised.

I always ask myself, why must a woman strip almost naked before an advert or a business can go viral. Why does she have to be an object of sex for something that has its no relation? Why not the men? Why do they have themselves almost covered but cant be said same of the women? Or they are paid more for stooping so low?

Now enough of the throwbacks and the seeming blame games. But honestly, it has never been the fault of no one but from ourselves – The Women. We have been our own problems and what ever we are facing today because of some deceptions we fell prey and some decisions we took in the light of those deceptions which have redefined and restated our core virtues in this life, erasing what we have known from old.

Gone were the good old days a woman took pride in the Akan name “AKETEESIA”(a descent girl), “AWURABA”( a lady) and “OBAAPA”(a good woman) and virginity was without shame. You dare not touch any part of her because she upholds all her body parts with much respect, Humble learners and never hovering around men but the later around the former. Was it not so beautiful and pure? Dont you miss it too? Ah! The good old days!

But its unfortunate, that We have been available for everything degrading. Because we have lost track of our definition, we are given different alternatives to choose from if we really want to belong. Has it ever occurred to us, why companies always use women for their adverts? Have we asked ourselves why most companies put woman at their front positions? – are we not of a great influence hence the seek out? It should tell us how great our influence can be, and how we can affect the world if we can stop giving ourselves to cheap definitions and affect the right way.

Some girlfriends sadly take on their boyfriends definition of who his ideal woman should be, and they go a long way of dressing against their usual self and doing crazy stuff just to make a man happy. They become the human puppys whom men can shout on and still cuddle them because they have nothing they stand for save what their masters does. Human pets whose presence makes sexual healing always possible with good foods! Then within moments, she would be bounced back with tons of insults, with every word forming a new worthless feeling in her. Then because of a failure to make one man happy, the world is as good as a cemetary. We bury ourselves and our potentials. We bury our generations yet unborn. We bury everything good that is only found in us – everything.

At the work place, we allow bosses to look down on our intelligece and capabilities to have affairs with us. Using us to cause strife, hurts in marriages, divorces, jealousies, divisions, wrath amongst the sisterhood, depriving children of their hapiness. Will we ever go scort free?

We just have no idea, what we are incurring on ourselves. Are we not “mad” we are being used? Are we not concerned, why we must always use our bodies for jobs and promotions though we have all what it takes to even sit on the chair of the Chief Executive Officer?

Dont get it twisted. I am not a Ghanaian Feminist. I am a “mad” black woman with the desire to cause women to know who they were made to be, to take their places in God.

We were made to be the “lights” of the world. Epitomes of beauty, wells of tenderness, creativity and wisdom to always bring hapiness whereever we find ourselves. Christ loving, helpers of men, wise home builders, mentors and coaches, intelligent and creative managers, exotic wives and sophisticating women who use their sophistication to influence the world and not sophocated the world.

Whose fault is it, that we have lost our true definition? Whose fault is it that we are not respected and giving opportunities in government and top businesses but only the few men can intimidate are allowed on the table of men? Whose fault is that that a woman’s intelligence and perspective have always been taken for granted, in the name of intuitions? Whose fault is it?

Is it not ourselves, when we allow the vain things of the world to blow us in to every hole? Who won’t take a woman who has no firm grip of her identity for granted?

I am a medical personel, and i meet people everyday. Out of which 70% are women with almost 60% out of the 70, not educated, single mothers, who are divorced because their husbands see them worthless, as they have nothing life to offer them since they are “dead” to their own selves. Some come to the hospital to recieve cheap medical attention and according to their pocket and anything above their budget, they are willing to let their wards die.

I take time to interrogate them and the findings have always been the same amongst these group – their husbands or partners won’t give them the money for the child’s medical attention. Really? Okay so what can you do to help? I ask and its amazing how they speak in the same unison with a kind of face that sometimes pisses me off – we are not working!

Why won’t a man look down on such a woman who sees her whole life revolving around a man? Men are responsible for the women they take into their lives and impregnates but it doesn’t mean everything is on them. Men yearns for helpers, thats why we were made. A woman is a helper, a support not only to relieve them of their strong sexual urges, but to girde themselves also and do something with their lives and live if as if the man was not around. Any man will never love and will always reject a woman of such definition irrespective of her beauty.

But there’s always a way to revert the wrongs. And I found the solution no where near feminists and their Beijin equality perspective. Not from any hard core ideology or philosophy but a simple revelation of women getting tired of their long-taken-glory and seeking them back again on their knees. Wait, before you disagree with me.

Yes, nothing can bring back our exact definition and everything we have lost save Christ. It can never be restored by the huge layers of foundations. It can never be restored through education; it totally doesn’t define us. Its can never be restored because you have a good background. Not through your succeeding profession, nor the good marriage. Its a fight with no physical background! It has its roots from the spiritual and must be tackled from there. Then after the seeking, we need wisdom to live, to avoid falling again.

Eve brought the doom but its up to us to revert it in our lives. And its a restoration only God and His power can bring. Enough of the abuse. Enough of the sufferings. Enough of the insults. We need to be defined again!

Let’s drop the pretence, the self-sufficiency attitudes and the coverups we make for the emptiness inside of us and go back to finding the real definition of womanhood.

This appeal, is to all ladies. If we destroyed ourselves, we can build ourselves. We just need to accept it, go back to creator and He will take it from there.

I am happy to say, that i am a proud Lady of God’s definition! I am a khayil! I am sophisticated!

Can we make this post go viral?


(C) eunice Godbless 2016



My mother’s idea was not bad though. At least she made me know she had good thoughts for my future. As her first and only child,  she wanted to give me something better – a life with no regrets, because she lived one.

But she totally got it all wrong, though it was a genuine wish every mother would wish for the child – to marry a king or a queen and live happily ever after. Not always in a royal sense, but someone with enough fortune and a prestigious background to live a good life and if by chance gets chosen to be in the royal line, why not?!

My mother was fortunate, I’ll say. At 18, she married her King; the richest and most handsome man who is now my father, in her town. He was more like the prince of the land because they had money and always dressed as such. He was all what every lady could dream of, even maids but my mum won the tournament.

Pictures of my mum’s teens told me everything i needed to know. About how she captured my dad’s attention. She was extremely beautiful and adorable! I understood why amongst all her suitors, my father was the one to emerge as the hero to win with ease, the lady every guy couldn’t. Well he had something. It wasn’t just his raps. He had fortune. Not just that. He was handsome and generous. His half sided punked hair cut, the breath-taking figure, the face and of course the prestige he had all added to the marks.  Everything was just as she wanted and she couldn’t wait to say I DO. She yearned to lay her paws on the prestige of marrying a rich man’s son – her King. At 18, she was the first lady in her community to drive the latest but now old BMW. She tells me how she was envied and admired and that’s just how she wanted it to be. She was that type of woman.

Her “wisdom” in choosing right gave me a good home. Good in the sense that we had a good fortune. We had everything and barely had something to worry about. Maybe my parents won’t say Same, the marriage brouhaha moments of the “he loves me, he loves me not or she loves me or she loves me not” wont give them the right to say they enjoy the peace as much as i do. But when they all feel secured, love is a person i see in their eyes. They treat themselves as royals. My father is the King and my mother the Queen. Their emotional chemistry sometimes drizzles on me and i so yearn to be in the arms of  my love and king. But i still yearned for better things.

I cherish relationships but it matters who i draw into the circle. I do a major cut down when I notice they rush in for financial breakthroughs. Because of this, I have loved to be around my own people and kind – the rich folks. We just share emotional burdens with tears and backrubs. No financial brouhaha. We rarely criticize ourselves because we are rich, we rarely beg and never at the mercy of the other. Money does not control us and we are never hindered by money. When we plan to do something, We just contribute and make it big! But the story is always different when you have a financially challenged friend. Everything is on you including his or her very life. My mum and i couldn’t stand such, So from that perspective, she advised me to mingle with the Kings and Queens and marry one.


Her criteria of a king was quiet amusing. I thought it was just the fortune, though i secretly prayed for a God fearing Handsome guy who would love and cherish me just as i am. But with all inclusive, it was first, the fortune-holding guy. Not just that. He should be Tall, matured looking and gentle with a touch of nobility and royal admiration. I looked at her as she entered the kitchen thinking she had such a man already on fire and was almost done. But she came back empty handed.  I left her to her dreams.

Unknowingly, my dad eavesdropped on us and was not happy about it. He scolded my mum a couple of times but she wouldn’t give a heart to his concern. My dad was not that lenient, Infact I was surprised all he could do after the quarrel was to still stay glued to his newspapers. He is that ‘no nonsense man’ who wouldn’t just let a case rest till he fights for his victory. But he’s changed. He acts more human and Godly now because of His new found faith.

“what of Godliness, my baby? My father asked worriedly. What if you find a guy who is all minus fortune but loves God deeply and has Wisdom enough to love and lead you with conviction? Look, don’t let your mother deceive you, we will not all marry the high and mighty. You may have to build your King and your Castle. The fact that she was fortunate doesn’t automatically make you same.  Sometimes you may find a good man or woman and would have to build him or her to be your king or Queen and build your palace. Don’t be carried away with money. Money will never give you the warmth, love and peace a good man can give you. Seek Godliness, wisdom and some attraction in a man and compatibility because a man with a good sense of wisdom, is a wealthy man. And the man who cherishes God more than you, is the man who will love you tirelessly” i think i would love that. I thought to myself

That night, we spoke at length. I could easily feel my father’s genuine care for my future. I could see he was more worried and concerned and wish i make a wise choose not following my mother’s counsel.

Few days later, It was my birthday. I was finally quarter a 100 years old. The typical Ghanaian time a mother thinks is best talking about marriage with the daughter or arranging one respectively. But hey, my mind was on other things. I wanted everything fast and first but marriage though I witness a good one at home. I think I was just not ready to have sex. I had academic ambitions and i wouldn’t want to substitute that time for any fleeting pleasure though the academic ambition is equally same but one is obviously fleeting – the pleasure in sex.

I had thoughts of marriage. Somewhere around 32 was okay for me because I partly had my mother’s views in mind and I thought I needed time to get such a man. But my father’s words, kept echoing strongly in my heart. And for some reasons, though i was not spiritual, i could discern, that it was a Godly leading.

In 3 years, I denied 19 but 1 suitors in the presence of my father because of my mother. She was more like the one going to be married. She could just look at the man and predict my life with him. My dad was so not comfortable and they would have their fights but something about David was different.

Though he couldn’t emerge to win my mother’s heart, he did steal my father’s admiration and likeness. Like David and Jonathan they had an instant soul knit when my father set his eyes on him the first day he came to our house after accepting his proposal. With him, I didn’t need my mother’s opinion. He was just too sweet to experience my mother’s criticisms so I hid him. He was for my dad’s eyes only.

Prior to my father’s advice, David would have been beneath me. He would have been out of the league. He was more broker than the word broke. But i found all what my father mentioned and a couple of mine in him. Very hard working, very intelligent and a very very very romantic guy and is extra things i never dreamed of and his love for God is so amazing that i fall in love with him almost everyday. My dad looked happy for us. There wasn’t a day he wouldn’t sneak into my room just for us to gossip about David. He would ask me how i am finding my new found love and how soon we were going to make our union official with God. Wow! David really got my Dad’s heart. But i still wanted to choose my academic pursuit over pleasure. But then, i had the million dollar question which blew enough butterflies inside my belly to make my funny in my head and heart to change plans.

My Dad blessed us with a classic wedding. Gave us a whole house and a car but no money. He told us, that he trusted in the God of David to make us even more prosperous to own more than he had and had given us. And it was really true. Today, we own wealth!

David gives me everything and even a life in Christ. He teaches me what true love really is. He teaches me about the virtuous woman and even teaches me how to cook. He is never bored when i go bad with my food, he will just tease me and teach me how to be better the next time. Such an amazing man! His acceptance of me is just above my imagination. Had it not been David, I wouldn’t have even known, that I had deep wells of wisdom and creativity to write you this piece you are just reading.

Mum, dad was right. Some of us were born to create Royalty. And I indeed made one.


Choose right. Set your heart on things that matters.

(C) eunice Godbless 2016




Hello Tales,

Interesting! I had not finally made a decision of choice on this topic till I chanced on this interesting but controversial writings. Hmmm. In as much as I am laughing today typing you these words, I have a great fear of labor in the future. I have heard a lot about labor and delivering per vagina, that, it’s unbearable! Bearing the long hour pains and the sometimes resulting complications (post-partum hemorrhage due to cervical tears, retained placenta, iatrogenic causes, episiotomies, uterine atony etc.) that may arise afterwards all alone, I think my future husband should understand when I decide to go in for a cesarean section which has also never been an option anyway but sets my heart at peace knowing that I wouldn’t be standing in long hours of pain and dejection.

I hate pain. But I am that woman who has suffered and endured hardships from the onset of life. But labor pains is definately not the pains I would want to inflict on myself one day and I hope God permits that. It deters me.

My decision of preferring the surgeon’s knife to the hands of the midwife has been under the influence of many factors of which I would like to share just one to also avert minds from being misinformed.

Let me start with treatment. Some hospital mid wives seems nice on first encounter and sometimes subsequent ones for some reasons I am yet to find and publish on. Maybe they are taught to! But the saying will always stand, that not all that glitters are gold. It’s entirely a different story when true labor sets in.

It’s unfortunate, that I find myself in a country where pregnancy is seen to be a woman’s load and must be carried alone. It’s seen as that phase in a woman’s life where much strength and stamina is expected of her and failure to show these in the labor room and even during the pregnancy, she is nothing more than a lazy woman and a disgrace to womanhood. Really? In whose dictionary is the definition of strength and stamina explained with relation to the ability of the woman to give hard pushes during labor without running out of exhaustion? Do mid wives even know the true source of energy as an endogenous release when there is love and pure, undefiled care towards pregnant women? I guess not! If they knew, I don’t think they would be receiving the maltreatments they sometimes receive from them as they try their best to relieve themselves from the burden releasing from beneath. You need to be in the labor room yourself to witness what I am telling you. They are being harshly spoken to, shouted on and sometime beaten just to give hard pushes in the name of preventing the child from suffocating. Well, it understandable though but should that be the best approach to get the already miserable woman to deliver?

I think my mother’s reason for her multi parity somehow makes sense to me now, that, the treatment she received during her labor hours is what motivated her to keep the pregnancies she didn’t want to keep after hitting the number of children she wanted to bring forth. Crazy thoughts, right? They both agreed on 5, but went farther to raise 8 children. She said the attention, care, motivations and the smiles given to her by the German nurses and Doctors makes her want to be in the labor room for forever. She is a Ghanaian, not a German but gets the same treatment given to the Germans without apology because aside all their stupid racisms, they understand how health is delivered through the mouth, back rubs and with their showing of teeth!

For some reasons, I think the theatre has some sanity and fear instilled in the Surgeons, the assisting nurses and the anesthetics to give in their very best so that patients don’t end up giving up their last breath on that table. They give everything in right doses, communicate with the patients and even gives cosmetic effects to suturing after every section so that you can still fit in the community of fashion and mermaids. And of course my husband would still be enjoying his ecstasy in sex as my vagina would still be intact for him.

I am aware of cesarean complications. I am aware that it would be very difficult delivering per vagina later in life when there is the need to. I am also aware it wouldn’t let me raise the number of kids and even more if any unfortunate thing should happen to my children while I am still fertile. The highest number I can go with a cesarean section is 3 but nevertheless, I think the drama and the adventure of labor would still not be trauma I would want to give to my soul when there is a near good option as a cesarean section.

By the way, I am that confused fresh house man who is also still thinking about her maternity fate.

Share your thoughts as well. would you still stick or change?

© eunice Godbless 2016



She, is all you’ll term The PERFECTIONIST
Pretending to like everything but deeply fights for her ideal
With her emotions. With her attitudes. Regardless the confusion
She fights silently and intuitively for what her emotions feels
Be it love. Anger. Pressure. Joy – its a wave, and that’s what her emotions feels

She is called “Her Melancholy”
She can be gloomy and moody and make you weep sadly
You may not be the reason necessarily, she just have a problem balancing her acetylcholine
Her norepenephrines and adrenalines have suddenly come into being
Don’t complain nor say anything
Just give her space and time…… in a short while, you will see her bright side of life

She’s easily worn out in the crowd
This might push her to frown
Because in her world, she is more stronger all alone
Its more like she is immune to the world
Her nature sets her mind to think and her heart to appreciate beauty all alone!
She can effortlessly report on everything. Most especially the wrong
proving with signs and in details- evidences you never expected
Just becareful when you are in her world
She is that eye that watches all things in count

She can be mean and selfish
If you dare not understand her principles on frugality
She holds her world so dear
And sees herself as the only one so near to help build her ideal world
But she can be lovely, when you give her the faith to
She will entirely cling to you as one of her own
Tell you secrets and even her thoughtful dreams
Hold on her plans to walk with you for miles
Cuddle you in her arms till you are fine and tired
And whisper to you an emotional prophecy to feel life once again
It’s never in her default
But because you gave her a reason to – TRUST

She is too sensitive and intuitive
She holds her emotions like a pure glass, up high
Like a castle, slowly builds up high but cannot sustain its height at the least provocation
Guarding with all diligence eliminating suspects as defence
God! She can be demonic!
If there’s no Jesus to affirm her uniqueness.
To her motives judges words
No matter how wide the accompanying smile
No matter the sincerity or the honest joke
she will always dig, diving into the darkness of your thoughts overlooking the treasures of concerned motives
But she can be rewarding
If all she can find in you is genuineness.

Her Melancholy,
Put her in memories of beauty with words affirming her uniqueness
She will forever hold you in a gentle embrace.


(C) eunice Godbless 2016




“On the table of men, there are no secrets. After the world tales, we gather round with folded sleeves to bring out our depths and beings willingly, without no one forcing them out of our sleeves. Of course, in the presence of our own and brotherhood revealing secrets from the peaks of our passions, our fears, insecurities, childish mannerisms, to our lusts down to our bedrooms. We can be that plain and naked, with no side lookings watching whose got our words pen down to reveal us to the world. It’s the place where no matter the weight of your “sins” we just rebuke you and still count you as one of our own and not to condemn you because we all await a greater judgment. It’s a brotherhood, on the table of men.

The revelation was in turns. And everyone had a bad in hide. You can’t hide your laughter because it wouldn’t be hid from yours neither can you hide your arguments because your respect was dependent on your critic. It was a mutual establishment to make us all to agree and disagree with the aim to bond better. So it was my turn to tell them I had an argument on my mind, about the article I read some days back which made me understand, that my sex ecstasy will finally come to an end after Heidi’s delivery. I was torn between betraying her to the surgeon’s knife for a caesarean section through conviction and compromising my sexual excitement for a child whose fate I had no idea whether he would show appreciation for my eternal loss of sexual excitement by being everything wise and fufiling as every father would expect from his child. Selfish thoughts, right? I knew it! The most painful of all, was, she had the greater fear to deliver per vaginal because of the pain, prolonged and sometimes obstructed labor, postpartum hemorrhages due to cervical tears, episiotomies etc. etc. and I encouraged her out of it to have faith, that God was able to anoint her to deliver like the Hebrew women and even promised her I was gonna be right there in the labor room kissing her at the peak of every pain. Can you imagine! There was a sudden minute silence. With dumb faces and dumb minds all glued on me. I wasn’t expecting anything meaningful but mockery and a name because I knew I was talking to people who had no experience in Obstetrics but in Gyaenacology. But then, I deceived myself. Into thinking that, Daniel never wore my current shoes. But on two terms, thanks to his new found method, the kegel exercise, he’s still manning up. “Man believe for Heidi to push like those Hebrew women, that’s what’s more important. She will heal with the KEGEL exercise. But as for a caesarean section, you wouldn’t want her to blame you for not wearing her sexy bikinis and tops” they mocked but Daniel indeed preached!” SAM

What happens next?

Please share your thoughts.

© eunice Godbless 2016.

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